For more than 50 years, ALUREX continues to be an innovative Greek company of aluminum products. Its wardrobes, clothes hangers, folding tables, flowerpot bases, storage spaces, and other custom-made constructions, make it the Top Greek Companyof specialized products made of anodized aluminum. ALUREX continuously monitors all market developments, enriches its product range, and makes life easier for the modern Greek home.

The specialized treatment of anodized aluminum highlights the exceptional durability of its products, but also the special flexibility in “Special Constructions” for each space and each customer.



You can order the aluminum wardrobe you like, in the dimensions you desire.

ALUREX aluminum terrace cabinets are made entirely of anodized aluminum and therefore never rust and have a lifetime corrosion guarantee. Choose the Color or the Special texture that Expresses You. All lockers can be manufactured in various colors, as well as in different textures(eg Wood, Marble, Granite).

Excellent quality products that will stand the test of time


Aluminum anodizing

Anodizing is a technical method of treating the surface of aluminum that makes it more resistant to corrosion in harsh weather conditions, as opposed to electrostatic painting which is added and covers the surface of aluminum with a layer of polyester paint.

40 years of innovation in aluminium constructions

Since its establishment in 1978, ALUREX has operated in the industry of special structures made of anodised aluminium. Thanks to its immense experience and modern mechanical infrastructures, ALUREX manufactures products of high aesthetics and resistance, specially designed and processed for all weather conditions.

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